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Tree Felling

Procedure & Checklist

Procedure and Checklist for Inspection while issuing Felling/Trimming/Re-Plantation of Tree Permit :-

Inspection Norms :-

      Considering the value & importance of the species vis-a-vis risk inspection will be carried only for tree species as mentioned below by Tree Officer/ SPA MIDC and,
(i) As per the amended provision that no personal inspection of the trees by the Tree Officer shall be required if the applicant submits site images and details of the trees to be felled by using information technology enable system.
ii) As per the amended new Provision 8(6) if the number of trees proposed to be felled is 25 or less, in such cases all the functions and powers of the Tree Authority shall be exercised by the CEO, MIDC.
Now only High Risk Category of trees and proposals not as per A (i) above will be inspected by the designated Inspector selected through Computerised Allocation of Inspectors and submit his report as per Annexure-I attached herewith to Tree Officer and upload the inspection report on website.

High Risk Category of Trees are as follows :-

     Under Maharashtra Felling of Trees (Regulation) Act 1964, the tree species mentioned in the Schedule of act are classified based on risk factor and accordingly only following 15 species of tree will require felling permission of tree officer in rural areas which are

  1. Tamarindus chebula(Hirda)

  2. Teak (Tectona grandis)

  3. Madhuca latifolia (Mahua, Moha)

  4. Mangifera indica (Mango)(excluding grafted mango)

  5. Acacia catechu(Khair)

  6. Sandal (Santalum album)

  7. Pterocarpus marsupium (Bija)

  8. Adiana Cordifolia (Haldu)

  9. Ougenia dalbergoidus (Tiwas)

  10. Terminalia tomentosa (Ain)

  11. Terminalia paniculata (kinjal),

  12. Hardwiclia binata (Anjan)

  13. Sygegium cumini (Jambhul)

  14. Government Resolution No.: DIPP/TFTP/CR NO.21/ F-6 Page 9 of 15 Mangroove Species and

  15. Amruta (Narkya) (Notopodytes nimmoniana/Notopodytes foetida) Explanation.-For the purposes of this entry, "Mangrove" includes Rhizopliora mucronata (Lamk), Rhizophora apiculata (Biam), Ceriops candolleana (Ara), Kandelia rheedei "(Wight),Bruguicra gymnorhiza(Lamk), Lumnitzera recemosa (Willd), Sonneratia apetala (Buch Ham), Sonneratia acida (Dinn), Avicenta officinalis(Linn), Avicenia marina (Linn), Acanthus ilicifolius, Aegiceras majus and Salvadora persica (Linn).

       * For Sindhudurg District following additional included 7 species are in the schedule,
  1. Dalbergia latifolia

  2. Gmelina arboria

  3. Lagerstroemia lanceolata

  4. Terminalia belerica

  5. Strychnes nuxvomica

  6. Euginia zeylanica

  7. Terminalia arjuna

Inspection Procedure by the inspector :-

      Based on the risk factor and according to the species based on the online application and applicant’s report, the inspection will be carried out by the inspector within seven working days.


On line Submission and Uploading of Inspection Report (as per Annexure I ) on MIDC Website within 48 Hours is mandatory for all Inspectors.